Virtual Flight School : Basic Training
Basic Training
While there were already training programs offered by the many squadrons, and even a private company; we realized that a freely available system was needed for the newcomers that didn't require either the commitment to a squadron or the funds required by private instruction.

These free Basic Flight Training Lessons shall provide any new pilots with enough knowledge to master each aircraft and improve their performance as a Virtual Pilot. We thank IRFC Requiem for allowing us to use his excellent training videos as a primary resource. Dont hesitate to leave some Feedback on your learning curve. It is very important for us to optimize the training process to make it more valuable for all virtual pilots on Rise of Flight.
Aircraft Familiarization and Takeoffs (10 items)
Lessons to familiarize new pilots with essential aircraft gauges, engine management, and takeoff procedures.
Basic Flight Maneuvers (13 items)
Lessons demonstrating Basic Flight Maneuvers (BFM) in Rise of Flight
Landings (15 items)
Lessons to familiarize new pilots with landing procedure.
Air Combat Maneuvering (15 items)
Collection of Videos showing various Air Combat Maneuvers (ACM) in Rise of Flight
Air Combat Tactics (10 items)
Lessons to familiarize new pilots with Air Combat Tactics.

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Our Great 2017 Supporters - Thank You!

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