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1.Pulk Lotniczy The name of the unit can be translated as 1st Air Regiment. It consist of two squadrons: 1.Eskadra Mysliwska (1st Fighter Squadron) and 2.Eskadra Wywiadowcza (2nd Recon Squadron). Apart from them, there is also our training squadron when all the recruits are pushed to get familiar with RoF before joining one of the squadrons. Our members are tagged 1PL-nickname-Squadron, eg. 1PL-Lucas-1Esk
1st Aerial Battalion “First in All Things” is more than our motto - it is the code by which we live. Dogged determination, constant pursuit of Honour, Valor, Victory, and anunrelenting sense of duty toward our squadron mates have helped to shape this squadron into what it is. We are a squadron that is as much concerned with making connections and friendships between our members as we are with the outcome of any given dogfight or bombing run. If fun and friendship in the virtual skies over Flanders are what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.
69GIAP Here you have found the greatest Aviation Regiment of them all: the 69 GIAP where you can fly the finest combat aircraft from the 20th Century. We are a proud and friendly bunch who strap ourselves into the cockpits of legendary warbirds in the great air simulation games IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, Battle of Stalingrad, IL2-Cliffs of Dover and Rise of Flight, where we do combat with any Capitalist or Imperialist air forces or navies that get in our way!!
CAM - Corpo Aeronautico Militare Virtuale il corpo aeronautico militare virtuale racchiude tra le sue fila appassionati del volo virtuale e del primo conflitto mondiale. fondato il 4 novembre 2012 dalla passione dei piloti della comunità italiana del simulatore rise of flight© il cam si pone l'obbiettivo di condividere e diffondere la passione per i mezzi, i personaggi e gli eroi che hanno caratterizzato gli anni pionieristici per l'aeronautica militare e civile. se sei un appassionato o vuoi condividere le tue esperienze di volo virtuali in rise of flight© iscriviti al forum e contattaci.
Escuadron 69 -
Jagdgeschwader I Royal Prussian Jagdgeschwader Nr 1 "Richthofen" (JG I) is a seriously minded online cyber-squadron. We are North American based, with a European contingent, and have a long and distinguished history. We emphasize team work and cooperation.
Jagdstaffel 5 - "Green Tailed Devils" The pilots of Jasta 5 are committed to developing the online combat flying skills of each member through training and practice in order to be successful in every engagement with their opponent. We value teamwork, expertise, loyalty, and humor.
Jasta 13 Сайт эскадрильи Jasta 13 был создан 1 мая 2010 года. Эскадрилья создана 23 апреля 2010 года.
Jasta 14 Die Jasta 14 ist ein virtuelle Flugstaffel in Rise of Flight. Wenn ihr euch auch zu uns dazu gesellen wollt, dann meldet euch bei uns unter der Spalte "Kontakt" an. Wir nehmen gerne neue Piloten auf. :)
Jasta 26 Jasta 26, a "Rise of Flight" based squadron dedicated to online team flying.
Jasta 7/16b Established in 1997, The Black Haze Squadron strives to bring together like-minded WWI flight Simulation enthusiasts who wish to emulate and exemplify the history, pilots and units of the Imperial German Air Service of The Great War. We strive to be honorable, skilled and productive members of the online flight simulation community and to provide the best, most enjoyable flight simulation experiences for ourselves and our guests.
Jasta 99 Königl. Preuß. Jagdstaffel 99 (and Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung 99). Squadtag: J99 (and FEA99)
No.42_Squadron We are a squadron of pilots with varied experiences. Some of us are new and some of us have flight experiences from other Flight Sims such as RB3D, IL-2 and more. We currently have 14 active pilots. We are affiliated with the historical No.42 Squadron by name only. Our game play spreads throughout the war years.
RAF74 We are a combat flight simulation squadron flying propeller driven aircraft from WW1 and WW2. We do this using computer programs and networks across the internet.
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