• -NW-Fourspeed

    Chief Memorial

    Hi Ezrie,That's a fine idea. Unfortunately, as Scud mentions, we changed our site because the old one crashed. When I get back from my vacation trip, I'll do some poking around to see if any of th...
    Posted by -NW-Fourspeed 6 hours ago
  • -NW-ScudWillms

    Chief Memorial

    That's a great idea Ezrie, but as you mention, we may have lost a lot of our archives during the transition over to this new site. He had a lot of really great work posted on the old site. It wou...
    Posted by -NW-ScudWillms 17 hours ago
  • Ezrie

    Chief Memorial

    HI all,I am not certain if you maintain the information or not. But it might be fun to have a thread in memory of Chief with some of his art work, videos, etc. He had a great humor, love of music...
    Posted by Ezrie 2 days ago

Fair Skies and Tailwinds, Chief

15 Apr 2018 : 07:14  |  Rise of Flight  |   1
Robert (Michael) "ChiefRedCloud" Smith -- passed away 04/08/2018
Sadly, one of the earliest members of our New Wings family, -NW-ChiefRedCloud passed away on April, 8, 2018. Our sincerest condolences to his wife, family, and friends. He will be very greatly missed by us at New Wings, and without a doubt, by every other community he was a part of. Our full announcement can be seen here. RIP, Michael.

ROF Movie by ROEN911 v1

08 Oct 2017 : 17:23  |  Rise of Flight  |   1


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