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  • Due to a situation where several players were found to be using a Rise of Flight flaw as an exploit in our servers, we have met with other server owners / operators, and reached a consensus on how any future cheating incidents will be handled on our servers.

    The Policy:

    In light of the recent cheating incidents, we have formed a group of like-minded server owner/operators to share tools and policy regarding cheats and exploits in order to protect the integrity of the game.

    Tools exist to identify pilots who cheat ("cheating" will be determined and enforced by the group of server owners/operators).

    Bans of at least 1 month for the first offense may be assessed on New Wings, J5, JG1, Cuban's Syndicate servers and those pilots may also be denied access to multiplayer campaign / tournament events.

    Pilots with a 2nd offense will be permanently banned as well as be publicly named in the forums.

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