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  • You will find that when you try to log-in to your RoF game, starting today Thurs. 24 May 2018, that your game will return a "Log-in error."
    Due to changes in software Privacy Policies, your Rise of Flight game will require a needed update.

    It has been s-o-o long since 777/1C has updated the program that some users may not be familiar with the once common procedure. Please click the [Update button] in the game launcher before logging in. Also, there is a post on the game "Launcher" screen from 777/1C about the needed update. wink

    For those of you using the Steam version, the update will be automatically applied when you sign-in to your Steam account. The 777/1C manual procedure is not necessary.

    Once updated you will again need to reset-up your Graphics (video), Sound (interface volume) and possibly head-tracking settings. Your flight controls will revert back to the "Mouse control" default, so you will need to click on "Joystick" control if you have previously been flying with a stick. Look under the OPTIONS [General] Control Mode tab within the game to select the joystick mode.

    Also, if you have "Awards" such as: Sopwith Triplane badge, Albatross D.II early badge, etc., displayed on your startup RoF screen those will reset to default.


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