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  • Haha, thanks man! It did give me a devilish bit o' glee to see them hangars burning! smile

  • Salute guys! I got on about an hour late, but got to participate in some nice furballs on the first map before we switched over to Gothas in the next map. We got 5 Gothas in a high-altitude formation at one point and level bombed an airfield, which was good fun! After this, I switched to Il-2 and tried some tanks. Conclusion? I suck as a tanker! :lol: To cap it all off, I went to Flying Circus and had some really entertaining 1 on 1 duels with a gentleman named GCF. Was a pleasure flying with you Sir!

    You can see the archived livestream here:

    See you guys on Cuban's server next Thursday! smile

  • Work + college studies combined to make me a bit late for last Thursday's fly in again, but once I joined I got right into the action! Low overcast ceilings made for some very interesting fighting for sure! Bristols bombing targets down low, Dolphins causing mayhem at the cloud base, and SPADs lurking in the clear blue above - no matter where we went, there was action!  

    Afterwards, Butzzell, Dudley, and I were joined by Baer as we tested out the new Camel's capabilities in Flying Circus. Our conclusion? The Camel there seems to have a pretty shocking flat flight to instant climb ability! Most engagements, I could handle 2 foes simultaneously and have a good shot at winning; when I was 1 on 1 with anyone, I could pretty much outclimb, outturn, and outspeed them. Dare I say it...but I think it may need to be nerfed juuust a tad. [Takes cover and puts on steel brodie helmet.] Not to the extent it was in ROF, but maybe just taken down a bit? Or perhaps it's fine and the competition (looking at you, Dr 1 and Pfalz) needs to be buffed just a bit. 

    Following this, I had some entertaining Camel on Camel duels with GCF!

    You can see the archived livestream here:

    See you guys on Wargrounds next Thursday!  

  • Last night started with...Metz. Ugh. Since we'd been on that map quite a few times recently, JG1 decided to trade German fighters for Allied bombers and knock out all the targets to roll the map as soon as possible. There was level-bombing, dive-bombing, and even some epic Handley-Page-vs-the-world dogfights!

    Afterwards, we returned to the German side of life and had some good coordinated patrols. All of us scored some good kills; personally, I ended up adding 2 more victories to my One Life to Live streak and my wingmen and I RTB'd safely afterwards. Well done lads!

    After that, it was off to Flying Circus for some more dogfighting tests between the SPADs, Camels, Dr 1s, and D.IIIas. Really looking forward to the new planes, they'll add some new flavor to the dogfighting scene! smile

    Anyway, here's the archived livestream:

    See you all on Cuban's next Thursday!

  • Thanks, HotLead.
    Always fun to watch the aftermath.

  • You're welcome Jarvis! I'm glad you enjoy the streams! smile

    We had a highly-eventful night that started off with a bang...quite literally lol! (I crashed into JG1_Butzzell while we were maneuvering for a shot on Baer. This was totally my fault and could have been avoided.) However, up until that point, our 4 ship Halberstadt flight did very well against enemies from above, shooting one down and sending Baer away with bullet holes and more than likely picking pieces of Halberstadt out of his flying scarf.

    Afterwards, JG1 switched to flying Albatrosses and patrolled over enemy lines, bursting balloons and looking for trouble. I had one moment where I dove on a Nieuport 17 and then he completely disappeared, probably due to disconnection from the server. We concluded the evening in Rise of Flight by facing off against SPADs in a well-fought draw and then returning to base. Despite my dumb collision earlier in the evening, I managed to add 1 enemy aircraft and 1 balloon to my latest "streak," so we shall see how it goes from there.

    In Flying Circus, Butzzell, Talbot, and I conducted more outfighting tests with the Dr 1 and found that it seems to have an advantage over the Camel in a left turn, when both are loaded with 50% fuel. We also discovered what may be my new signature'll have to watch the stream to find out.

    See you next week on Wargrounds!

  • Had a good time last night! Started things out with high-alt patrols and flying the Fokker D.VIIF, which I haven't done for a while! Still debating whether I like it or the D.XII better for high altitude operations. Then, I took the Albatros D.Va for some lower altitude defense options...and ended that by unceremoniously smashing into I_Got_Shot's Camel from behind. No excuse for that really; I got too greedy. Sorry about that mate! frown

    Afterwards, I ran some tests in Quick Mission about the best way to attack a Felixstowe and live to tell the tale. (Hint: It ain't from directly above and behind! tongue )

    Finally, I went to New Fliers and Friends for some entertaining dogfights between myself, Larner, and Baer. DH.2s, Fokker E.IIIs, Nieuports, Rolands, Strutters, Halberstadts...had a lot of fun puttering around in those old birds! grin

    You can see the archived livestream here:

    See you all on Cuban's server next week!

  • Hey guys, here is the (belated) Twitch stream of last Thursday's fly-in from the German perspective! College hit me like a ton of bricks with final papers for 2 separate classes...both due tonight. I had prepared for it as best I could, but it still took me out of social life for the last several days. Got the last one submitted tonight...whew!

    Anyway, here's last Thursday's stream:

    Thank-you to Cuban for the interesting map choices you continue to offer us twice a month! Between Wargrounds and your server, Thursday nights continue to be engaging!

    I'll catch you guys on Wargrounds this Thursday! smile

  • Salute all! Had a lot of fun last night!

    JG1 started by conducting patrols over the mud and enemy lines with inconclusive results. Unfortunately, the map ended a few minutes too early, as we were practically diving on the tails of several bandits! Ah well, C'est la vie. Another time, perhaps. wink

    Afterwards, the map rolled to Metz, so it was time to defend our targets! JG1 took off in Pfalz D.XIIs and encountered lots of action over our side of the lines, including a dramatic furball between SPADs, Se5as, a Handley Page, and ourselves.

    Lots of fun and a big salute to everyone who showed up last night!

    Following Metz, JG1 switched over to Flying Circus to try out the brand spankin' new Dolphin and Fokker D.VII!

    You can watch the archived livestream here:

    We will see you all again next week on Cuban's server!

  • Thanks, HotLead,

    For the series of videos about the exploits of the JG1 squadron showcasing the continuing development of IL-2 Flying Circus.

    Always fun stuff,

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