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  • Yeah, we had a blast both in ROF and Flying Circus! Actually, I'm pretty excited to see where the new sim goes! smile

    ...Speaking of new stuff, I just made a review video about the new planes just added to Flying Circus:

  • Very nice video HotLead.

    Thanks for the comparisons between Rise of Flight and Flying Circus.
    I do recommend that everyone take a look at the information that you have so very graciously put together. It is time well spent watching.

    Jarvis smile

  • Aw stop it Jarvis! You're gonna give me a bigger head than I need lol!
    Seriously though, I'm thrilled you liked it! smile

  • Salute all! Sorry about getting the stream posted up late; here it is:

    Started out last Thursday by gunning for JG1_Jocassee and then flying a rather uneventful patrol in the Albatros D.Va, adding one more sortie to my scout pilot streak. Following that, I decided, "Hey, I wanna do a recon! I mean, how hard could it be?" Thusly, I lifted off in a Halberstadt CL.II to accomplish said mission...only to find over the target that my absentminded gunner forgot to bring his camera. (Totally my gunner's fault...nothing to do with the pilot.) That meant we had to go old-fashioned and start drawing what we saw. Halfway through this time-consuming endeavor, an enterprising Se5a found us. The result? Timestamp 1:03:00 tells the tale...   

    After this encounter, we conducted fighter sweeps per protocol. We lost some pilots, the Allies lost some pilots...all in all a pretty fair exchange of blows! 

    Finally, I went to Flying Circus to try out the new Fokker D.VIIF. I conclude that it is a beautiful aircraft, capable of turning a mediocre pilot into a great one. It is excellent at altitude and still very capable of punishing Allied opponents who get careless around it at low altitude. Personally, I think that it is slightly better than ROF, as in the engine seems to last longer when blasted (which is still a regular occurrence for the Flying Circus model) and the plane has better wing durability. The D.VIIF can also outclimb the SPAD, true to what I believe is historical form. However, the SPAD still reigns when it comes to diving away and sheer speed. I think that if most server operators limit these planes while offering unlimited standard D.VIIs, this will make for a good historical representation. 

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. See you all on Cuban's server next week!  (Depending on availability, I may or may not be able to make it.)

  • Jasta 5's Bloody April Campaign is on!

    Last Saturday, I got in at 20:00 GMT in time to begin the daytime missions. I had the pleasure of winging up with Larner, FourSpeed, and Phil! smile had to be in single-gun N.17s. Given how I love to hate that plane, I previously wouldn't touch it if any other alternative was available. However, I may now have to reconsider my verdict: the N.17 did surprisingly well against the Albatrosses, proving itself to be more than a match for them, provided it wasn't fully-loaded with fuel. Got into a nice scrap with 4 Albatros D.IIs after patrolling the lines for a bit. At the end of the fight, I had to wonder why I hadn't done Bloody April all these previous years. I was missing out, for sure!

    Despite the fact that a few technical errors caused an early end to the second session, the event organizers handled it professionally, isolated the problem, and reassured the weeping pilots that all would be fixed for next Saturday. Thusly, after drying our tears, we went over to Flying Circus for some furball fun. It was great to fly with I-Got-Shot and some JG1 mates I hadn't flown with in awhile!

    Anyway, here's the livestream: (Note - from 01:11:56-1:50:00, the stream is muted due to tactical discussions for Red Team. Since not much goes on during that time period anyway, feel free to won't miss anything.)

    And here is a highlight clip of the N.17 scrap:

    Looking forward to next Saturday! grin

  • Yesterday's Bloody April campaign was a rousing good time! I got to fly with Phil, Joker, and GUYNEMER in SPAD 7 150s. The weather was very overcast, with lots of fog to go around, so visibility was down to claustrophobic levels. Still, our flight had some very good successes during the first hour and a half of operations.

    The next hour and a half saw the German pilots really step up to the plate and give us as good as we had given them. Some very staunch fighting and I barely escaped with my life! Salute to both my wingmen and my Blue Team opponents! I look forward to sharing the April skies with you again in a fortnight! smile

  • Thanks for the 2 sorties, HotLead.
    These are good videos for the new guys to watch and learn from.
    Good team work on the first mission with Phil, Guymemer & JoKeR.
    The second is a good case of how a good start can go bad in a hurry. Although, Baer was lost he was able to get his squadron back home to fight another day.. It WAS called "bloody April."
    Jarvis smile

  • Here's the livestream from last Thursday:

    After a long absence, it was great to be back in action last Thursday! Jastas 10 and 11 took to the skies in Albatros D.IIs. Our first mission was to take out two enemy balloons that had been giving our troops in the trenches grief. Afterwards, we patrolled the lines, intercepting a flight of brave, brave souls flying Fe2bs. This however, spiraled into a larger scrap involving some N.17s. One of them gave me a really rough time, but I got a lucky shot off and knocked his rudder off.

    Following that, those of us and the 103rd that remained went over to Flying Circus where we tested out the Pfalz D.IIIa/SPAD XIII, discussed rudder pedals, and traded bullets in a most congenial manner. wink

    Once again, a really great experience! Thanks to all who keep this event going! grin

  • JG1 had a very good night last night! JG1 and the US103rd danced around each other, but never engaged. Occasionally, we could see the 103rd doing their deadly work in the distance, but things never got close enough for blows. As things were, we had our hands full enough! Metz was claustrophobic as per usual, and I managed to lose a contact just as I dove on him. However, JG1 managed to keep cohesion and unity throughout the whole foggy map, which I was exceedingly pleased to see! Once we hit Verdun, things kicked into gear. Jasta 10 engaged 3 AI N.28s who had the impunity to enter the airspace directly over Sivry and promptly sent them earthwards. Jasta 11 then encountered a lone SPAD who flew with amazing daring and audacity on the deck. Refusing to run, he put up a heroic fight, but was eventually brought down by Labroisse and Vikner. Since he survived, upon our return to base, we made it a priority to invite him to the chateau to dine with the Jagdgeschwader.

    Afterwards, we found a train that looked lonely and in need of saving, so we guarded it until it was time for us to RTB.

    Following that, I went to Flying Circus and had a series of 1 on 1 duels with GCF. He may be one of the most amiable fellows I've ever had the pleasure to duel with and in the course of nearly 10 duels, we never had a collision. Not. Even. One. grin A lot of this was due to GCF's deft maneuvering. (That's not to say that stall spins, trees, and the ground ended their fair share of fights for both of us lol! ) All in all, it was a very fun evening!

    You can watch the livestream in its entirety here:

    See you in the skies on Cuban's server next Thursday!

  • Last night's livestream.

    We had a mainly-quiet night punctuated by brief periods of action. Jastas 10 and 11 (plus one Jasta 4 pilot) took to the skies and collectively accounted for 3 enemy aircraft destroyed and one balloon. The Allies were a bit understaffed for the duration of the night, so this would probably explain why we didn't see much of them. We did encounter the US103rd very high over their side of the lines and had a fairly tense face-off that never amounted to anything. In the end, we merely grimaced at each other before saluting and parting ways.  

    Our only casualty for the night was myself.  Basically, I got a little too greedy underneath a wounded and stalling Se5a. Usually, I love it when enemy planes stall in front of me, as it gives me great shots. I didn't realize what was wrong with that sight picture until 1 second too late to dodge away. My demise was very Boelke-like, as my wings slowly peeled off and I plummeted earthward. Ah well. Live and learn! Still a very fun evening. 

    Following the action on Cuban's server, Luftritter and I were joined by US103 memebers Larner, Talbot, and Hunter as we took to the frenzied skies of NFF in Nieuport 28s. Albatrosses, Dr 1s, D.VIIFs, oh my! Whatever action was lacking earlier was more than made up for during those frenetic furballs. 

    Had a great time guys! I'll see you next Thursday on Wargrounds! 

    PS: An artifact from last night.


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