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  • Salute all! After a few months' absence, I've reentered the fray once again. Glad to see Thursday nights still going! grin

    Had an awesome time scanning the skies and facing some stiff competition with the US103rd! You guys were good when I left, but I would dare say that you've all gotten even better! Very good cohesion & teamwork!

    After the serious flying, I went and had a series of hilarious duels on New Fliers and Friends. Apparently my Camel and DH.4 skills need to be dusted off lol.

    Anyway, you can catch the livestream here:

    Also, you can get a view from the other side with US103_Baer's excellent YouTube stream here:

  • Salute all!

    Was quite the interesting night on Wargrounds this evening!

    You can see my archived livestream here:

    You can also see US103_Baer's livestream from the Entente perspective here:

    (Twitch stream 0:00:00 - 1:03:48)
    We started off with some super high-alt attempts to engage the US103rd in our Pfalz D.XIIs, Fokker D.VIIfs...and Dr 1s. (We dragged poor JG1_AngryGoat up to nosebleed altitude in his Dr 1. Upon his return to our lines, we were only able to stave off the effects of severe hypoxia with craft beer and assurances that we wouldn't do that to his beloved Dr 1 again.)

    (Twitch stream 1:07:00 - 2:16:28)
    Following that, we headed to the claustrophobic skies of winter Cappy, where JG1 and J30 teamed up to try some 2 seater formations with Halberstadt CL.2s and Rolands. Had some interesting run-ins with the US103rd once more, and some entertaining dogfights with a brave man flying a Sopwith Triplane and one particular Cuban gentleman in a SPAD 7.

    (Twitch stream 2:18:00 - 2:39:00)
    I then decamped to NFF in search of some PvP action. No luck, so I took an S-22 and tried to brush up on my level bombing. After the bombs were dropped, I attempted to dogfight the AI in my trusty Russian passenger plane.

    (Twitch stream 2:40:00 - end)
    Still searching for PvP action, I returned to Wargrounds determined to have some fun. One life to live was earlier; now it's time to live like there's no tomorrow! Thus, we took a hypnosis-inducing paintscheme in our gun-packed DH.4 and attempted to draw some planes into a fight. After that, it was back to NFF for some really hilarious dogfighting action with some dedicated Camel pilots, including the one and only Voodoo! (Several collisions may have been apologies, Herr Voodoo!)

    All in all...I had way too much energy last night. This is what happens when I take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon lol.

    Big salute to the US103rd! You guys are maintaining your discipline and cohesion. But you still manage to have fun, which really is why we fly this sim. (On that note, seeing Parsons demonstrate low-altitude bombing techniques at 0:09:35 on Baers YouTube stream is the funniest thing I've seen in ROF livestreams for a while lol!)

  • Salute gents!

    Here's last night's livestream:

    And here also is the right Hon. Baer's stream from last night's festivities:

    (Twitch stream 0:00:00 - 2:00:52)
    One Life to Live, baby! JG1 takes Pfalz D.XIIs in an effort to intercept the US103rd. After about an hour's uneventful patrolling, the sky lights up and our forces collide in what can only be described as a stunning win for the US103rd. Following this, we dust ourselves off and are airborne again and, while escorting J30 in their trademark Gotha, we once again clash forces against the US103rd, this time putting up a very determined resistance and...dare I say...sending them running for home. [But Herr Hotlead, ve also vere running for ze hills at ze end of that one, ja?] Maybe... tongue

    (Twitch stream 2:03:08 - end)

    Afterwards, we embark onto Hillbilly's "Ma and Pa's Basement" server for a good ol' fashioned round of E3s vs DH2s. Soon, the map switches, and we take Nieuports vs some very determined Albatros D.IIs. Not a banner night for me; by the end of the night, the Germans had a separate scrap yard dedicated solely to the wrecks of my machines. tongue Ah, well. Live and (re)learn! During the latter part of the stream, I got the opportunity to share comms with none other than the US103rd's own Larner and Talbot! Always a pleasure talking with you guys! grin

    Until next time!

  • Last night was interesting to say the least. High formations of SPADs, Breguets, and even a very scrappy pilot in an N.28 all combined to make life difficult for the Huns.

    Here is the stream from the Bosche point of view:

    and here is Baer's stream from the Allied side of life:

    Thanks to all who came out! You guys are keeping this event cruising along! smile

  • Salute all!

    A little late posting last Thursday's stream, but here it is at last! (Better late than never, eh? tongue )

    And here is US103_Baer's stream of the same event:

    Had some absolutely AWESOME action on Cuban's server tonight! US103rd SPAD formations combined with 4 ship Dolphin formations, plus a couple high altitude two seaters made for the most intense action I've seen since my return to ROF! Afterwards, had a very nice chat with Larner & Hunter, and after that, had some DH.2 vs E.III action on the Ma and Pa's Basement server.

    Big thanks to everyone who came out tonight! Looking forward to next Thursday night! grin

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