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    New Wings Server News

    It looks like 777 got their domain issue resolved and all of our RoF Servers are back up and running again..Regards,4 ~S!~
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    New Wings Server News

    As of tonight, there may be some VERY BAD news...I'm *hoping* that this is nothing other than a network glitch that will be fixed.However, on the surface, it looks an awful lot like 777 just pulle...
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    RoF "Stealth" Patch

    Hey Guys,If you're having trouble running RoF (ie. you get a #10027 Error about "Mods On" or "Invalid Packed Files") you need to update your RoF game.You may also need to do the update manually (ie...
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Flying Circus V4.501 17 Sep 20

18 Sep 2020 : 15:55  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
Atmosphere/Environment Update
This update includes a total of 36 changes/updates/bug-fixes. 1C/777 Game Studios states that this update marks and important step for their Great Battles simulator and that it will make the online multiplayer experience totally different from previous game play. 13 of these changes apply to Flying Circus Vol. 1. For the complete list please look: Here

This atmospheric/environmental update changes the Level Of Detail (LOD) scaling system at further distances. The lighting has been changed to “full”; a new atmospheric Haze Option and MSAA level (x8) has been added.
Please Note: adding the Haze Option to the mission format makes previously saved .msnbin mission files obsolete. Delete the old files and save the new version using .Mission files.

Main features
3. The long-range Level Of Detail scaling system for aircraft has been adjusted. Aircraft spotting at short to medium distances, especially when using camera wide-angles, has been greatly improved. The visibility at further distances has been adjusted for more realism.
4. “Alternate Visibility” has been renamed: “Enhanced Visibility.” This mode greatly increases aircraft visibility at long ranges. At medium ranges, visibility is also significantly improved compared to the old Alternate Visibility option.
5. MSAA (x8) Option has been added. Please note: This level of AA is very demanding on graphics card performance.
6. The Atmospheric Haze Density Option has been added to the Quick Mission Builder (QMB). The minimum value corresponds to the haze density available earlier.
7. Dawn/Dusk Fog Option has been added to the QMB. This option is available only when the haze density is set to one-half of the maximum value or greater.
8. The Haze Density Option (range 0.0 to 1.0) is now stored in the “mission” file. Radiation fog appears at dusk if the value of the haze is greater than 0.5 and the weather preset name contains an odd number at the end. The denser haze makes it easier to spot aircraft against the background of the landscape. (When the distance from the observer-to-target is much less than the distance from the observer-to-landscape behind the target.) This feature can be used when designing multiplayer missions on game servers.
9. Distant Level Of Detail (LOD) of aircraft now has the same surface material setting as closer and more detailed LODs which makes the lighting of distant aircraft much more realistic. Plus, this setting enables reflections/glints when the opponent aircraft reaches the proper reflection position.
10. A tool-tip has been added to multiplayer game listings which will show all the difficulty settings for that server when the mouse is hovered over it.
11. Difficulty information is also available in the multiplayer server Lobby (“About The Server” section).

AI improvements
12. AI wingmen keep their optimal climb speed when the wing leader is higher in altitude and further away.
14. AI enemy aircraft more actively attack maneuvering targets at lower speeds.

Other Changes
32. With the introduction of the Atmospheric Haze Option, the issue of dawn/dusk fog blinking near the horizon has been minimized.
33. The difference in the density of atmospheric haze has been minimized when using the minimum (40 km) and maximum (150 km) visibility range options.

Flying Circus V4.009 17 Aug 20

19 Aug 2020 : 02:28  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
1.58 GB Update
This update includes a total of 78 changes/updates/bug-fixes which are targeted at two main game areas - AI improvements and the refinement of the recently completed line of player controllable tanks. 21 changes/updates/bug-fixes effect the Flying Circus Volume 1 facet of the Great Battles series. For the complete list look Here

Main features
1. The new Velikiye Luki (Summer) map is available to all owners of (any?) IL-2: Great Battles module.
9. When Technochat is disabled within the difficulty settings, critical information such as the service maintenance indicators e.g.: (refueling, repair, first aid) will still be visible within the HUD.

Aircraft AI improvements
10. An AI flight leader should not circle on the ground after landing.
11. An AI flight error in following a terrain routine has been fixed which could cause the aircraft to become stuck in a spiral climb and cause an AI wingmen in formation to stall.
12. An AI flight leader will correctly maintain a set speed while enroute.
13. While in a shallow climb, AI aircraft should not accelerate more than required.
14. AI aircraft should not climb too steeply and lose speed too quickly while enroute.
15. A slow route speed limit has been corrected for a number of aircraft enabling them to reach a maximum climb rate.
18. AI settings have been corrected for Flying Circus airplanes, making the formation aircraft more stable when descending.

Other improvements
58. Bristol Fighter F2B control stick animation has been corrected.
60. Lewis and DT machine gun ammo drums will not visibly jump while reloading.
61. Aircraft guns ammo reserves have been corrected. (It was previously one round short.)
62. It is no longer possible to reload a magazine while the gun is cocked. (which previously caused reloading animation errors.)
63. Fighter aircraft models now load faster within the sim.
64. Character animations have been further optimized which may reduce stuttering on some game configurations.
65. American pilots will not be invulnerable when holding a flare gun or a pistol.
67. The jerky behavior of railroad cars while on terrain curves and bridge slopes has been fixed.
68. A bug that could destroy a train when it changes direction of movement has been fixed.
69. Sorting the list of game servers by the number of players now sorts from highest to lowest on the first click.
70. An issue that caused the world lighting to have a wrong shade for several seconds, at the beginning of a mission, has been fixed.
71. The “F4” (chase) camera will not cause graphics artifacts to appear.
73. Camera behavior at mission’s end has been improved.
74. Numerous static objects will not disappear from view too early and its collision models have been corrected.
77. The service times for all equipment has been adjusted. Now, a service operation will take 2 - 4 minutes while set to the default service speed. (x1 value set in Mission Editor).


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