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    New Wings Server News

    It looks like 777 got their domain issue resolved and all of our RoF Servers are back up and running again..Regards,4 ~S!~
    Posted by -NW-Fourspeed 1 month ago
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    New Wings Server News

    As of tonight, there may be some VERY BAD news...I'm *hoping* that this is nothing other than a network glitch that will be fixed.However, on the surface, it looks an awful lot like 777 just pulle...
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    RoF "Stealth" Patch

    Hey Guys,If you're having trouble running RoF (ie. you get a #10027 Error about "Mods On" or "Invalid Packed Files") you need to update your RoF game.You may also need to do the update manually (ie...
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Flying Circus Update V3.009

22 Dec 2018 : 01:57  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
Flying Circus Update V3.009 19 Dec 18
Flying Circus Update V3.009 19 Dec 18

The main feature of this update is directed at the IL-2 Sturmovik World War II content.
There are 43 update/changes/additions to the engine and clients with very little content pertaining to Flying Circus.
Only those features that apply directly to Flying Circus are listed below.
For a complete list check 1C/777s website Here

Aircraft Improvements
10. Three new skins for the Fokker Dr.1
11. Two new skins for the Spad 13.C1

Flying Circus Update V3.008

06 Dec 2018 : 21:10  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
Flying Circus Update V3.008 5 Dec 18
Flying Circus Update V3.008 5 Dec 18

In this update several additions, changes and revisions apply to the Flying Circus community.

The main feature of this release is the revision of the airframe damage model. The complete damage model has been improved, tuned and bugs fixed. In addition, aircraft, aircraft systems and the AI have been improved. Flying Circus pilots can now put on their oxygen masks/goggles and take them off. And lastly, users who encountered game stuttering using Microsoft Force Feedback joysticks and TrackIR now have an option to adjust the FFB effect polling frequency using the additional setting in startup.cfg file.

Total additions and/or revisions are 60+ in this version update. Please note: not all of the revision changes affect the Flying Circus group so, those that are not specific to FC have not been included in the lists below. If you would like to view ALL of the changes they can be found on 1C/777 Studios website HERE

Main Features
3. Force Feedback joystick owners who experience stutters can alter the new value in startup.cfg that governs the maximum frequency of FFB effects polling to try to eliminate them (update_freq parameter in [KEY = force_feedback] section can be set to a value from 0.5 Hz to 10 Hz, example: update_freq = 10.0).
6. Multiplayer: allow other players to: "man stations" option now saved.
7. Multiplayer: various issues such as: statistics "freezing", inability to start a mission and kill messages disappearing were fixed for high-load servers.
8. Multiplayer: missing Armor Piercing (AP) hit sound effects and some other sounds restored.
9. A rare crash that could happen in high load situations like joint air-ground engagements with many units has been fixed.
10. keep_binary_log = 0 option in startup.cfg correctly removes binary logs from the game folder on exit.
12. Incorrect navigational markers won't be shown in a mission without player aircraft.

Damage Model Improvements
15. An overdone High Explosive (HE) effect on the primary structure of an aircraft has been reduced.
16. Damage calculations of the airframe take a hit angle into account.
17. Damage from direct hits and explosions on the skin and control rods has been tuned.
18. Minor visual damage correctly appears after a first hit.
19. The visual damage of a cockpit glass correctly appears after a first hit.
21. Aircraft primary structure won't erroneously receive double damage in case of hits on the internal components like fuel tanks, engine, radiators, etc.).
22. Airframe sturdiness tuned for all aircraft.
26. Fuel tank fire probability corrected for Flying Circus aircraft.
27. Ammo detonation effects differ visually depending on the explosion power.

Aircraft improvements
29. Flying Circus pilots take off their goggles on parking.
34. Dead pilot model position corrected on Pfalz D.IIIa.
39. Fuel tank fire effect corrected on Flying Circus planes.
40. Ejected cartridges correctly appear in multiplayer.
41. The maximum number of ejected cartridges corrected based on real time instead of a simulated one.
42. In multiplayer: all visible projectiles appear from gun muzzles instead of aircraft center.
43. Visible gun convergence corrected in multiplayer.
44. The delay between pushing the fire trigger and experiencing the gunfire FFB effect has been reduced.
45. Pfalz D.IIIa performance corrected.
46. Sopwith Camel description corrected.

AI improvements
47. AI pilots correctly perform Chandelle maneuver.
48. WWI AI pilots won't “stuck” flying forward.
49. AI pilots evade ground even better.
50. Conditions for attempting vertical maneuvers corrected for all fighters.
51. AI pilots will bail out of aircraft with cracked wings or fuselage instead of trying to fight.
52. WWI AI pilots start shooting sooner.
53. WWI AI pilots maneuver more aggressively.

GUI changes
54. Starting altitude won't reset in Quick Mission Builder (QMB).
55. Flare gun indicator won't be shown after restarting a mission in external view.
57. The wrong message about timescale won't be shown on mission end.
58. Interface music can be turned on when interface sounds are turned off.
60. Previously selected modifications correctly shown in QMB.


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