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    New Wings Server News

    Ok I'm going to see if I can get some people to join on a Tuesnight flyin I hope you all can join and have some fun in ROF WG NW server stay safe. Blackbaron20
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    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It seems that the V4.005c 362mB patch/hot-fix has corrected the multiplayer map crash problem. The offending map(s) can now be placed back into the map rotation.
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 2 months ago
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    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It appears that one or more of the multiplayer maps within Battle of Stalingrad may not be compatible with the latest game version update. (V4.005)You may experience server crashes without any prio...
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 2 months ago

Flying Circus Vol. 1 V4.001 07 Nov 19

08 Nov 2019 : 07:18  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
Flying Circus Official Release
Flying Circus - Volume 1 V4.001 07 Nov 19 has been completed and released from early access.

1C/777 Studios states FC Volume 1 is complete as stated in the project parameters. This official version contains 73 changes, updates and bug-fixes.

Many new features are available, such as:
1. landscape technology
2. lighting and clouds
3. improved sound
4. AI with improved ballistics
5. graphic effects
6. materials for aircraft surfaces
7. detailing of textures and models

These and many others give the virtual pilots of the Great War an experience that is not available from any other WWI flying simulator product. Plus, FC has been designed to take full advantage of virtual reality devices.

Main features
5. Canon de 75 mle 1897 gun added.
6. 7.7 cm FK 96 n.A. added.
7. QF 4.5-inch howitzer added.
8. 15 cm sFH 13 howitzer added.
9. QF 13 pounder 6 cwt AAA gun added.
10. 7.7 cm FlaK L/27 AAA gun added.
11. Hotchkiss Mle 14 regular and AA machine-guns added.
12. Spandau MG 08 regular and AA machine-guns added.
13. Great War searchlights added.
14. Thornycroft J-type self-propelled AA gun added.
15. Daimler M1914 armored self-propelled AA gun added.
16. Benz LKW 1912 truck added.
17. Leyland 3 Ton RAF truck added.
18. Crossley T5 command vehicle added.
19. Mercedes Kettenwagen 22 command vehicle added.
20. No-mans land visually improved on Arras map.
21. Amiens cathedral added on Arras map.
22. Balloons added on Arras map in quick mission builder (QMB)
23. Observation balloons with observers may leap from their post when under attack on the Arras map.
32. New Extreme quality cloud setting added that makes the clouds sharper and less 'shifting'.

General improvements
34. The color of aiming helpers for the guns, bombs and rockets has been changed.
36. The Arras map has cobblestone roads.
38. Mission designers can define the default GUI map view more accurately by using Normal type lines.
39. Mission designers can use custom (unofficial) skins in the campaigns.
41. The visual image of rotating propellers in VR has been improved.

Aircraft improvements
47. Pitch response curve for non-FFB joysticks has been corrected, making planes easier to fly level. (SPAD 13 and Dr.1 were adversely affected due to this change and will be fixed in a later Hotfix)
48. More aircraft controls are blocked when the pilot is unconscious.
49. After rearming in a service area the guns are ready to fire immediately without pressing the reload key.
50. You cannot see your own previous plane when starting again in multiplayer.
51. Wrong techno-chat messages about rudder and elevator surfaces were corrected. (e.g. reporting a right-side part hit instead of a left-side one)
61. When starting a QMB mission close to an AI aircraft, the AI will act more aggressively.
64. When a player exits a gunner seat the gun or MG is left in the last aiming position.

Ground vehicle improvements
70. Simple AI ground vehicles with damaged wheels, a damaged engine or killed crew no longer become an unmovable obstacle.
71. A destroyed AI object no longer causes excessive damage to other objects ramming it.
73. Simple ground vehicles have realistic gun aiming speeds.

Scenario Campaign
Currently, there are no campaign, scripted campaign, mission, or career modes in V4.001 of FC.
Only Quick Mission and multiplayer modes are available.

The listed changes, updates and bug-fixes are specific to Flying Circus. For the complete list effecting the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles series products please see 777 Studios/1C Game Studios website HERE

Flying Circus Update V3.201c 30 Aug 19

07 Oct 2019 : 02:40  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
Last Early-Access Release
This update has 100 changes/updates/bug-fixes and includes the long awaited Arras region map for Flying Circus.
Please note that this update is the last milestone before the release of the completed projects: Bodenplatte and Flying Circus Vol.1.

Those changes/updates/bug-fixes specific to Flying Circus are shown below: For the complete list effecting IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battle Series products please see 777 Studios/1C Game Studios website.HERE

New aircraft and other objects
5. The new map Arras Spring 1918 is available to all Flying Circus Vol.1 owners in QMB mode.
21. Many new unique buildings for Arras and Rheinland have been added.
22. New countries that participated in WWI and WWII have been added to the mission logic.

Visual improvements
23. Aircraft and ships are visible much farther than before - theoretically they can be spotted as far away as 100 km - if there are fires, contrails or ships wake.
24. New "Distant buildings" option added.
25. Object markers can be blocked by landscape and objects, including own aircraft or vehicle.
26. Static objects rendering has been optimized to increase performance.
27. Sun glare from distant aircraft is visible better.
28. Fire can be visible inside the cockpit on single and triple engine planes.
29. It is possible to display a customizeable photo in all aircraft cockpits and tank cabins.
30. Collimator sight reticle has been improved for all planes.

Aircraft improvements
32. Realistic pilot physiology model is now active which takes into account the duration and rate at which the G-load was applied.
33. After prolonged exposure to high-G load the load factor tolerance of the crew decreases and they require some time of steady flight to rest and recover.
34. Oxygen deficiency affects the human tolerance to high G-load more accurately.
35. Visual and audible high-G effects made more realistic.
36. The sound of the player’s breathing during a significant positive G-load has been improved.
39. High-G loads, powerful impacts and pain shock can render the crew unconscious resulting in a loss of control.
40. New “Simple physiology” option added to the “Difficulty Settings” disables reductions in G-factor tolerance, loss of consciousness &/or motion sickness.
42. The player cannot develop painful shock anymore if the “Invulnerability Difficulty” option is checked ‘On’.
45. The movements of the visible model of the flight stick and pedals in the cockpit are no longer filtered so, there is less delay between the movement of the real flight stick and pedals and the virtual ones. However, the flight stick movement speed is still limited at high flight speeds or, if the pilot is wounded.
46. It is now possible to assign a trim axis, if it was controlled by an axis on a real aircraft (control wheel or lever). The speed of the trim axis is still limited and depends on the aircraft, similar to the adjustable stabilizer. If you use joystick or keyboard buttons for controlling such trimmers, please, assign these keys not only to electric trimmers but, also, to this trim axis.
48. The adjustable stabilizer axis is no longer inverted (its direction is changed according to the DirectX standard).
50. It is possible to repair an aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to ‘On’ in the mission file. Repairs start automatically when the engine’s shutdown procedure is completed.
51. It is possible to refuel an aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to ‘On’ in the mission file. The refueling process can be started and stopped using the new commands and only possible if the engines are shut down.
52. It is possible to re-arm an aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to ‘On’ in the mission file. The re-arming process can be started and stopped using the new command and only possible if the engines are shut down.

AI improvements
65. AI aims at distant steadily flying targets better.
66. AI distributes enemy targets among themselves better.
67. If an AI has a speed advantage over a target that it is attacking, it tries to keep this advantage.
68. Combat turns, spirals and banking maneuvers in a dogfight are performed more aggressively.
69. AI won't switch maneuvers too frequently subsequently, distorting its planned tactics.
70. Criteria for choosing maneuvers in a dogfight have been updated.
71. AI stays in formation better.

Other improvements
95. The newer FMOD API - sound subsystem should experience less sound loss over long play periods.
97. Coalition sorting functionality has been added to QMB mode.
98. An automatic chat message in the multiplayer reports if there is no UDP traffic coming from one of the players.
99. A workaround has been added for VR HMDs without adjusting IPD hardware. (Lshift + NumPad ADD and Lshift + Numpad ENTER) directly moves the images on the VR screen further or closer.


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