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    New Wings Server News

    Ok I'm going to see if I can get some people to join on a Tuesnight flyin I hope you all can join and have some fun in ROF WG NW server stay safe. Blackbaron20
    Posted by Redbaron 2 weeks ago
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    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It seems that the V4.005c 362mB patch/hot-fix has corrected the multiplayer map crash problem. The offending map(s) can now be placed back into the map rotation.
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 2 months ago
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    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It appears that one or more of the multiplayer maps within Battle of Stalingrad may not be compatible with the latest game version update. (V4.005)You may experience server crashes without any prio...
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 2 months ago

1C/777 Game Studios Annual Summer Sale

25 Jun 2020 : 22:10  |  Rise of Flight  |   0
Sale thru July 8th
1C/777 Game Studios is running their Annual Summer Sale. Rise of Flight has been discounted 75% on their official web-store Here and on Steam Here . If you are looking to add more airplanes to your hangar, get more modifications (mods) or fly different campaign maps, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity!

In addition, the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battle Series, Flying Circus Volume 1, has been discounted 50% on both the official IL2-Sturmovik web-store Here and on Steam Here.

NOTE: Purchasing the Flying Circus Vol. 1 DLC from the Steam store requires prior installation of IL2-Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad which is currently discounted 75%.

This sale runs through July 8.

Rise of Flight's Three Free Planes (Part 3)

01 Aug 2019 : 05:49  |  Rise of Flight  |   0
How to Fly the Spad 13.C1 - Final Installment
Rise of Flight Three Free Planes (Part 3)

This month I complete our series on the three free airplanes that are included with the Free-to-Play (F2P) World War 1 game/simulator, downloadable from 777 Studios/1C Game Studios and Steam.

The final airplane is the French Spad 13.C1, manufactured by Bleriot, Levasseur, Bernard, Kellner, Safca, Borel and Nieuport. The Spad 13's maiden flight was 4 April 1917 and was supplied to the French fighter squadrons in the fall of 1917. The design was similar in appearance to the Spad VII, but was in fact a completely new design. A more powerful Hispano – Suiza V8 8Ba engine, a second cowl mounted machine gun, an auxiliary fuel tank, a camera for reconnaissance flights and a bomb load were added. Viewing the airplane from the front gives the appearance that it has a rotary engine. In fact, a special round radiator was designed for use with the V8 engine.

The Spad’s main purpose was to engage other enemy fighters, but was also used for escorting bombers, aerial mapping and reconnaissance. Although it could carry bombs it was seldom used for bombing ground targets.

The second machine gun increased the plane's firepower and the new engine helped it climb faster than any of its predecessors. With a service ceiling of 6800 meters/22,310 ft., a powerful engine and a stronger air-frame it was exceptionally adept at diving. Pilot’s commented that, “It dives faster than the wind.” It saw action on the French, British, American and Italian fronts.

Engine: Hispano – Suiza 8Ba V8 engine, 220 hp

Height 260 cm 8.5 ft.
Length 625 cm 20.5 ft.
Wing Span 808 cm 26.5 ft.
Wing Surface 20.2 sq. m 217.4 sq. ft.

Empty 565 kg 1,245.6 lbs.
Takeoff 820 kg 1,807.8 lbs
Fuel Capacity 113. 5 L 30 Gal. (US)
Oil Capacity 17.0 L 4.5 Gal. (US)

Climb Rate:
1000 m 2 min. 38 sec. 3,281 ft.
2000 m 5 min. 28 sec. 6,562 ft. (1.25 sm.)
3000 m 8 min. 57 sec. 8,842 ft. (1.86 sm.)
4000 m 13 min. 24 sec. 13,123 ft. (2.49 sm.)
5000 m 19 min. 30 sec. 16,404 ft. (3.11 sm.)

Max. Airspeed: (Indicated Air Speed IAS)
sea level 220 kph 137 mph
1000 208 kph 129 mph
2000 195 kph 121 mph
3000 181 kph 112 mph
4000 167 kph 104 mph
5000 153 kph 95 mph

Service Ceiling: 6800 m 22,310 ft.

Endurance: (hr. min.) @ 1000 m
nominal power (combat) 1 hr. 30 min.
minimal power (cruise) 3 hr.

Armaments: (RoF)
2 x 0.303 Vickers machine guns, 400 rounds/barrel
2 x 11.43 mm Vickers machine guns, 200 rounds/barrel (balloon guns)
18.14 kg. 40 lbs. of bombs

Observation notes: The Spad 13 has a very good roll and climb rate, but a reduced turn rate due to its speed. To use this plane as a dog fighter it requires a different technique than the “turn fighters.” To be effective it is necessary to learn how to “boom-n-zoom.”

Homework: View the =IRFC= Requiem Training videos below. Please note the take-off/landing video is from IL2 Sturmovik Flying Circus but, the procedures are still applicable to RoF.

Take-off/Landing - HERE
BnZ dogfight - HERE

Extra Credit: Where is the radiator control located in the cockpit?

See you in the virtual skies.


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