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    New Wings Server News

    It looks like 777 got their domain issue resolved and all of our RoF Servers are back up and running again..Regards,4 ~S!~
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    New Wings Server News

    As of tonight, there may be some VERY BAD news...I'm *hoping* that this is nothing other than a network glitch that will be fixed.However, on the surface, it looks an awful lot like 777 just pulle...
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    RoF "Stealth" Patch

    Hey Guys,If you're having trouble running RoF (ie. you get a #10027 Error about "Mods On" or "Invalid Packed Files") you need to update your RoF game.You may also need to do the update manually (ie...
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Flying Circus Update V4.006 19 May 20

20 May 2020 : 16:45  |  -NW-Jarvis  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
10.34GB Update
This update includes 87 additions/changes and or bug-fixes. Only those affecting Flying Circus are listed here. For the complete Great Air Battles Series changes please look: Here
Also, included are two Scripted Campaigns – Kaiserschlacht (Battle of the Emperor) and Spring Offensive. These two campaigns were developed by The Syndicate group and tell about the concurrent events in the spring of 1918 but, from opposite sides of the front-line. Although previously released to the public these campaigns have been enlarged and include new unreleased missions.

These two campaigns are available free of charge to those who have previously purchased Flying Circus: Volume One. Also, available on the IL-2 Sturmovik forums (as a download) is an accompanying skin-pack for this campaign. Here

Main Features
8. Two Scenario Campaigns for Flying Circus, Vol. 1: Kaiserschlacht and Spring offensive
10. The graphics engine now uses Deferred Shading technology.

Graphics Improvements
11. FXAA or MSAA can be selected in the game options.
12. New option: Cockpit Reflections.
13. Metallic and lacquered aircraft surfaces reflect the light softer and more naturally.
14. There are instrument reflections in the cockpit.
15. The aircraft visual image will not suddenly darken when zooming out, or from a distance.
16. Damage textures will not be too bright when zooming out, or from a distance.
17. Rivers and lakes water visuals have been improved.
18. Clouds reflections in bodies of water have been improved.
20. Shell casings will not become transparent when too close to a camera.

Aircraft Physics, Systems and Visuals
40. The maximum airspeed at which the pilot is able to bail out now depends on the vertical G-load acting on the pilot. With smaller positive G-load or a greater negative G-load, the easier it is for the pilot to leave the plane.
41. A G-load indicator has been added to the HUD. When simplified instruments are switched off G-load is indicated without a fractional part.
42. A message about turret ammo replenishing and turret repair has been added to the technochat.
43. A message about servicing the engine oil system or cooling system in the repair area has been added to the technochat. This service is performed if the engine oil or coolant has cooled down significantly while the aircraft has stopped. Previously, in these cases the player would periodically receive information about the repairs being made to the corresponding system, which was a bit confusing.
44. SPAD 13.C1: the roll oscillation of an AI controlled airplane at an approximate speed of 200 km/h has been fixed.
52. An aircraft will not appear below the ground surface when a season is set incorrectly or undefined in the mission file.
53. Sopwith Camel: when the “Simplified Controls” option is enabled in the difficulty settings the automatic helper better stabilizes the plane along the roll axis at a high angle of attack.

Aircraft Damage Model
55. The piston engines' combat survivability has been adjusted - the protection from the engine casings has been reduced. Bullets and shells cause more damage to the crank gear, while shell fragments cause less damage to the engine.
56. All Flying Circus airplanes: hitting the central section of the top wing now leads to breaking the left or right part of the top wing.
57. The geometry of wing spars in all Flying Circus airplanes has been checked and brought into strict compliance with known values. In general, now it requires many more bullet hits to break the wings of World War I aircraft.
58. The absence of visual and hearing disorders under high G-loads for gunners, in single-player mode, has been fixed.
59. A rare bug has been fixed which caused fragments not damaging the airframe sometimes.
65. A problem with aircraft turrets has been fixed.
66. The undamageable machine guns in a number of aircraft turrets has been fixed.

Ground and Naval Units
67. Ships have a more advanced physical model: they can be damaged by collisions, run aground &/or lay on the shore (without sinking into it). Plus, they can lay on the bottom when sank.
68. All naval guns and howitzers fire physically modeled projectiles, making their combat use much more realistic. Previously explosions were created in the target area.
69. About 10% of naval guns and howitzers shell reserves have AP ammo available.
70. AAA guns can fire at the ground area (if the mission trigger Attack Area is set to ground level).
71. The issue that made the first several salvos of an artillery battery too accurate has been fixed.
74. Groups and columns of AI controlled ground vehicles can stop on shallow slopes (previously they could not).
76. Ground vehicle AIs cannot spot targets through dense forests (if at least 50m of the line-of-sight to a target travels through the forest area).
77. AT and Divisional field guns can fire at a maximum distance when given the Attack Area - Ground command in the mission.
78. Aiming tables for several AA guns have been corrected.

Aircraft AI
79. The firing accuracy at air and ground targets depends on the AI pilot (skill) level.
81. Minimum fuel reserve calculations have been corrected. Previously, they could cause AI pilots to RTB too early.
84. Techochat and handling tips are now governed by “Difficulty” settings which can be enforced on a multiplayer server.
General Fixes
85. Concussion hearing loss time has been reduced.
87. A rare error in Scripted Campaigns, that could cause the progress to be lost after re-entering the game, has been found and fixed.



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