• Redbaron

    New Wings Server News

    Ok I'm going to see if I can get some people to join on a Tuesnight flyin I hope you all can join and have some fun in ROF WG NW server stay safe. Blackbaron20
    Posted by Redbaron 2 weeks ago
  • -NW-Jarvis

    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It seems that the V4.005c 362mB patch/hot-fix has corrected the multiplayer map crash problem. The offending map(s) can now be placed back into the map rotation.
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 2 months ago
  • -NW-Jarvis

    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It appears that one or more of the multiplayer maps within Battle of Stalingrad may not be compatible with the latest game version update. (V4.005)You may experience server crashes without any prio...
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 2 months ago

1C/777 Game Studios Annual Summer Sale

25 Jun 2020 : 22:10  |  -NW-Jarvis  |  Rise of Flight  |   0
Sale thru July 8th
1C/777 Game Studios is running their Annual Summer Sale. Rise of Flight has been discounted 75% on their official web-store Here and on Steam Here . If you are looking to add more airplanes to your hangar, get more modifications (mods) or fly different campaign maps, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity!

In addition, the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battle Series, Flying Circus Volume 1, has been discounted 50% on both the official IL2-Sturmovik web-store Here and on Steam Here.

NOTE: Purchasing the Flying Circus Vol. 1 DLC from the Steam store requires prior installation of IL2-Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad which is currently discounted 75%.

This sale runs through July 8.



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