• Hotleadcoldfeet

    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    JG1 had a very good night last night! JG1 and the US103rd danced around each other, but never engaged. Occasionally, we could see the 103rd doing their deadly work in the distance, but things never...
    Posted by Hotleadcoldfeet 6 days ago
  • Hotleadcoldfeet

    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Here's the livestream from last Thursday: a long absence, it was great to be back in action last Thursday! Jastas 10 and 11 took to the skies in Albatros ...
    Posted by Hotleadcoldfeet 1 week ago
  • -NW-Jarvis

    CAMEL vs DR 1

    Thanks, Scud for locating this video and posting it.Some very good nostalgic information.Well done.~Jarvis
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 1 month ago


Video demonstrating how to perform a rolling scissors in Rise of Flight.

A corkscrew flightpath accross the sky.

A result of high speed overshoot, or high low attack.

SE5a flown by =IRFC= Captain Darling

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