Video explaining and demonstrating the "Drag and Bag" tactic in Rise of Flight. Is used to sandwich your opponent between wingmen.

This tactic has been performed with a Se5e in this video lesson.

Drag and bag is when one of the two friendlies is "cold" to a "hot" bandit whilst his wingman turns "hot" to come in for a shot.
The Drag and Bag is used to sandwich your opponent between wingmen. The state of each wingman is interchangeable, depending on which target the bandit goes for.

1. The two wingmen are beside each other heading directly towards the bandit, the two offset to see which the bandit targets.

2. When the bandit commits to one aircraft, the aircraft not targeted becomes "hot" and begins closing on the bandit. Meanwhile the aircraft targeted becomes "cold or "beaming" and begins to turn away from the bandit.

3. The bandit will keep chasing and "hot" will come in for a shot.

4. When "hot" opens fire, "cold" should come around and act as support or remain as decoy, depending on whether the bandit turns away or keeps on "cold".

5. "hot" and "cold" should be interchangeable.

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