Familiarization with an Fokker D.VIII.

Pilots' impressions about the aircraft were: its excellent climb performance, its all-round cockpit view, it was both easy to fly and responsive to the controls. The aircraft were produced at the Fokker Flugzeug-Werke and 285 aircraft were produced before the war's end.

Engine Startup

1. Mixture to full
2. Throttle at idle
3. "E" to start

Take off

4. Optimize fuel mixture
5. Full throttle
6. Use rudder to keep on straight course

Standard Gauges

Fuel Gauge (between the guns)
Bullet counters (behind each gun)
Tachometer (cockpit floor, under the fuel tank, behind the joystick Altimeter (right) (measured in metres)
Compass (cockpit floor, right)

Max RPM: 1500
Endurance (combat) 1h.30
(cruise) 2h.20

This Lessons has been provided with the great help of =IRFC= Requem

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