Familiarization with an Fokker E.III.

The Fokker E.III Eindecker was a single-seat monoplane fighter.
The aircraft was designed by Anthony Fokker at the beginning of 1915. The 'Fokker Scourge' and the total air domination by the Fokker Е.III ended at the beginning of 1916 with the appearance in service at the front of the DH-2 and the Nieuport 11.

Engine Startup

1. Mixture: full
2. "E" to start
3. Blip or reduce mixture to remain stationary after ignition.

Take off

4. Stop blipping or increase mixture to begin take off
5. Use rudder to keep straight

Standard Gauges

Fuel Gauge (left of machine gun, on cowling)
Tachometer (low left)
Altimeter (right) (measured in metres)
Compass (outside of aircraft, right wing)

Max RPM: 1400
Endurance (combat) 3h.00
(cruise) 3h.00

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