Familiarization with an S.E.5a.

In evaluating the aircraft, pilots mentioned its structural durability, sufficient manoeuvrability, stability in dives and when firing machine guns, fine handling, and good sensitivity of controls at low speeds. When landing at high speed, the plane could not touch down due to its high wing lift.

Engine Start Up

1. Mixture: fully leaned;
2. Radiator: open; throttle idle;
3. "E" to start engine. (default key)

Take off

4. Lean mixture;
5. Close radiator slightly;
6. Advance throttle to full;
7. Small amount of left rudder needed to keep the aircraft straight.

Standard Gauges

Temperature guage (keep between 50 and 90 degrees)(middle row, far left)
Compass (centre)
Speedometer (middle row, right) (measured in mp/h)
Tachometer (top row, far right) (max RPM 2200),
Altimeter (bottom row, right) (measured in feet),
Clock (bottom row, left)

Max RPM: 2200
Endurance: (combat) 1h.50
(cruise) 3h.50

This Lessons has been provided with the great help of =IRFC= Requem

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