• -NW-Jarvis

    A Camel in Motion

    Wow, that's pretty much amazing, Scud.This video would have been beyond tedious to make. Nick Park's, Wallace and Gromit movies come to mind for the pure craziness devoted to stop animation.Thanks ...
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 2 days ago
  • -NW-Fourspeed

    A Camel in Motion

    As I watched that, realizing it's a model, and not the real deal, it still amazed me to think about how *many* individual parts it takes to make an airplane -- even one from 1917.Can you imagine wh...
    Posted by -NW-Fourspeed 3 days ago
  • -NW-ScudWillms

    A Camel in Motion

    Here ya' to assemble your own Camel. Quite interesting.
    Posted by -NW-ScudWillms 4 days ago


What is a Chandelle? A climbing turn where you finish at a higher altitude on a desired heading at a near stall speed The Chandelle can be broken into 2 halves: First Half Roll sings to desired angle of bank Pull back stick to increase pitch attitude Second Half Maintain pitch attitude Decrease angle of bank to roll out on desired heading Use of the Chandelle: When you want to trade speed for altitude When you are in an aircraft with higher performance As a way to position yourself for an attack We are cruising in the S.E.5a at the moment, I will be demonstrating the Chandelle, were we will roll out on a reciprocal heading. See where we are at, Altitude: 5000 feet. We begin our roll, and start increasing our nose attitude. (Maintain Bank, Increase Pitch) We are pulling back on the stick, brining up the nose, our speed is dropping off and we are gaining height. Now the second half. (Decease bank-maintain pitch) We are starting to roll out very slowly, maintain the same pitch attitude, roll out on the desired heading, and then keep the nose up, and slowing let it down so you can regain your airspeed. This so you have minimal loss of height through the end of the climbing turn. Using a Chandelle in combat it doesn’t matter if you roll out on a reciprocal heading or not, just so long as you can trade the right amount of speed for altitude without stalling. (Let nose drop to accelerate without losing height gained) So looking at it externally: Just remember to break down the Chandelle into it’s 2 halves, followed by bringing down the nose slowing at the end, so that you don’t loose the altitude you’ve gained. That’s how you fly a Chandelle, otherwise known as a climbing turn.

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