Could You Use More Buttons and Switches on Your Joystick?

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Voice Attack Software Review
This article is written with the Rise of Flight/Flying Circus community in mind but, it can be of interest to any PC gamer who is looking for a way to gain more immersion into their games.

Most all “flight-simmers,” myself included, have at one time or another run out of available buttons &/or switches on their joystick. Whether you have a simple joystick with a few buttons or an elaborate HOTAS with a multitude of buttons it seems as though we are always just one button short of what we need.

Because all joysticks have a finite number of buttons prioritizing them can turn into a challenging juggling exercise. By adding a program called, VoiceAttack, to your computer system your work load of trying to determine which flight management controls needs to go to what button can be simplified.

VoiceAttack is a small program that permits you to give verbal commands to your flight-sim program or, most any other PC game of your choosing. The software is simple to install and relatively painless to setup. If you have setup profiles for your games before, writing simple macros for your flight simulator games can become a breeze with just a little bit of practice.

For those virtual pilots venturing into the world of Virtual Reality VoiceAttack can be a great help. No longer will you have to blindly fumble for multiple key combinations on your keyboard to perform an action. By verbally speaking the command your hands can remain on your flight controls -- where they should be.

A user’s manual is available online (and, downloadable) if you would like to delve into learning more about how to construct “profiles” for your individual games. And, there are several tutorial videos on YouTube that can be helpful. Customer service is exceptional and the VoiceAttack website has a very active and responsive Forum.

As a preliminary, you will need to teach your computer how to understand your particular voice through the Windows, Microphone Setup and Speech Recognition programs. Both are relatively simple and should take you only about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

An unlimited time trial version is available and recommended by the developers. Their idea is that you; “try-before-you-buy.” The trial version is limited to just one profile with only twenty commands.

VoiceAttack is compatible with Windows versions: Vista thru Windows 10.
A full version code key is available from their website HERE for $10. US
And, on Steam HERE for $11.99 US

The Steam version is more expensive and requires you to be signed into your account to use but, all version upgrades are automatically applied when they become available.

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