Rise of Flight Lunar New Year Sale

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Rise of Flight Lunar New Year Sale
Rise of Flight Lunar New Year Sale

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, 777 Studios/1C has launched the first ever 75% discount sale on all Rise of Flight merchandise. This sale is available on the Rise of Flight website HERE and Steam website. HERE

If you have been looking to add more planes to your hangar, increase the number of mods on your current planes &/or buy additional maps, NOW is the time.

Airplanes are currently available from $0.74 to $1.99 (US) each.
The Sikorsky S-22 bomber which includes the Eastern Front Campaign normally $19.99 is only $4.99.

Individual airplane modification packs to add guns, rockets, gauges, sights and lights are available for most planes at a cost ranging from: $0.74 to $1.24.

The English Channel Map adds a whole new front for you to fly and fight. The map covers parts of northern France, western Belgium and southern England with the English Channel lying in the middle. If you own or are buying the Felixstowe F.2A boat plane don’t forget to purchase the Channel Map. Normally, $8.99 now just $2.24.

Finally, please remember which ever website you purchased your previous planes from (Steam or Rise of Flight) that you will need to continue to buy additional planes from the same source. Mix and match will not work. Notice: Rise of Flight DLCs bought on Steam are NOT compatible with the non-Steam version of Rise of Flight.

This sale runs from 10am PDT on February 4th until 10am February 11th, 2019.

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