• Hotleadcoldfeet

    Good bye, my friends

    FourSpeed: As I mentioned on the ROF forums, it has been an absolute pleasure to know you! I've had a blast flying these old crates with you and learned quite a lot from you. I'll always have fond ...
    Posted by Hotleadcoldfeet 2 weeks ago
  • -NW-Jarvis

    Good bye, my friends

    I am saddened to hear that "one of the good guys" in the RoF community has decided to move on but, life moves on as well. :-( I remember a young cadet by the name of RookieAce flying in the Basic T...
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 3 weeks ago
  • -NW-Fourspeed

    Good bye, my friends

    As mentioned on the 777 Forums, Best Wishes to you in your new endeavours.It was a pleasure flying with (and against) you over the years, and I'm certain you'll be missed in the RoF community. Per...
    Posted by -NW-Fourspeed 3 weeks ago


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